Friday, October 23, 2009

Yue Kee : Philadelphia

I've tried the Yue Kee food truck before and thought it was egregiously salty.

My gf has said the same.

And Chinese friends have said the same... and said that's exactly why they like it.  (Yeah, I don't get that either.)

So I decided to give it another go and see what I thought.

Ma po do fu - Certainly not your standard ma po do fu. Full of bamboo shoots, chunks of what I think are either preserved tofu or quail eggs, pork and regular tofu.   This tasted like a home-cooked meal using canned ingredients (the bamboo, quail eggs[?], tofu).  Perhaps they were slightly better quality canned ingredients, but  this wasn't anything special to me.  And yes, it was pretty damn salty.

I know that Mr. Laban had an old 2005 review showing his appreciation for this truck, but do you like this place?  Do you not find it salty?  Are there any particular dishes to order there?

($Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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