Friday, October 09, 2009

Sprinkles : Philadelphia

It's Friday and time for a treat.

I gave the newest frozen yogurt place in Philadelphia, Sprinkles, a whirl.  It's located next to the Wawa's and the Korean restaurant Han Wool on Chestnut near 36th in University City.

And sorry about the picture.  The yogurt does not come with a free car.

Like Phileo, it's priced by weight and has a number of flavors.  It's $0.49/ounce and you have the option of getting it in a waffle bowl for an additional $0.49.  You also have your standard toppings: fruit bits, mochi, in addition to more traditional sundae toppings, like M&M's, capn crunch, sprinkles, etc.

While I didn't quite have as strong of a negative reaction as I did with Phileo (speaking of which, the Philly Mag 2009 Best of Award for Phileo made me bloody cringe.  Whoever was responsible for that choice has no business being in a food city like Philly, let alone being in charge of best of lists...), the Sprinkles Yogurt folk either seemed to have missed the entire concept of what the tart frozen yogurt trend is or figured that the local university student demographic would not care/know the difference.

It's pretty darn sweet and there's almost no tartness to it.  It's almost more like ice cream.  This goes for the vanilla flavor (full sugar) that I sampled and the Irish mint and original tart that I ended up getting.  And judging it against a decent ice cream or gelato, well, it doesn't really match up either.

As for toppings, I can't complain.  The fruit bits (strawberry, blueberry) and mochi pieces seemed fresh enough.

Clearly the people in charge do have some business-savvy, however, since the choices for cup sizes are essentially large and larger.   It gives you the false sense that "oh, I don't actually have that much yogurt in my cup.  It's nowhere close to being full," when in fact the small size at Sprinkles is as big or bigger than any of the large sizes at frozen yogurt competitors' places.  I think I ended up paying over $5 for mine and I thought I was being economical.

But in the end, it's about the yogurt when you go to a frozen yogurt place and this didn't cut it for me.  I'll still be continuing to frequent Yogorino and Old Nelson for my frozen yogurt cravings.

Sprinkles Yogurt
3606 Chestnut St, Philadelphia 19104 (Map)
(215) 387-1222
($Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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