Friday, October 02, 2009

Oh So Good : Philadelphia

This is another quick post review. I stopped by "Oh So Good" on 19th St and Market after having passed by it so many times. It's obviously geared towards the working, lunch-time crowd and has a lunch buffet and a sandwich area inside.

The staff seemed friendly enough, engaging in some brief chit-chat while I was waiting for my sandwich to be pressed.

Campagnolo Panino - grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, baby lettuce, creamy pesto mayonnaise - The good news was that this was freshly pressed and the bread was piping hot when I ate it. The bad was that the sandwich seemed to been toasted in a good amount of butter, which wasn't helped by the pesto/mayo sauce. The chicken pieces left a bit to be desired, as they tasted like chicken pieces that were half-cooked earlier and then overcooked at order.

It's impossible to judge a place on one sandwich served on one specific date/time, so as with all of my posts, take this in context. But it seemed especially strange having such a greasy sandwich, when the marketing for the place seemed to indicate that "oh so good" meant "oh so good for you" healthy food.

Oh So Good
1900 Market St, Philadelphia, PA‎ (Map)
(215) 988-9100‎


  1. I just want to say that I've really enjoyed your blog. You've added to my already long list of places in Philly I have to try.

    I just recently moved here from Boston. I'm pretty sure I live right in your area (on chestnut near rittenhouse) and I like all the same food you do. I've noticed a lot of similarities.

    Umm yea, that's all.

  2. David, thanks for the kind comment and welcome to Philly. I'm really glad you're enjoying the food scene here. I actually also moved here from Boston too more than two years ago and I have to say that the food scene here has been leaps and bounds above in terms of quality (and community) than what was available in Boston.

    Anyways, as always, feel free to comment on your take on places. I'm limited by finances, time and stomach-space, so it's always good to hear from others.