Monday, October 12, 2009

Nature's Pride Bread

I get a bit nervous about signing up for freebie samples from companies.  I want to be able to openly write whether I like or dislike something, but if a company sends me a sample and I don't like it, it feels in bad form to blast a product that was given to you for free.  (I end up simply not writing about the product in case you're curious)

Fortunately in this case, I thought the two loaves of Nature's Pride bread sent to me were rather decent.

But just a quick note before delving into taste, I want to say that my first reaction to seeing these was that the exterior packaging design strongly reminded me of an existing natural bread brand.   Perhaps it's not exactly the same, but it was enough to make me Google-figure-out what I was thinking of (Pepperidge Farm's Natural breads).

Apologies for the pictures of the half-eaten loaves.  I forgot to take pictures when I got these babies.

But unlike the Pepperidge Farms bread and other nameless "all-natural" / "organic" products, which all too often taste like cardboard, this bread actually had flavor and more surprisingly, tasted as if you might be able to figure out the ingredients that went into it.  I'm still in slight disbelief that a "100% Natural" product could possibly be just that, instead of some marketer-spun product with preservatives or other crap listed under innocuous-sounding terms.

Btw, of the two loaves I got, whole wheat and 12 Grain, I preferred the 12 Grain, I think solely because of the pine nuts (Hmm, memory is slipping. Was it pine nuts? Will double-check.) that gave the slices a bit of a nutty crunch.

I frequently get bread from local bakeries, such as La Bus and Metropolitan Bakery, and to be clear, this stuff comes nowhere close to the products from such fine establishments.  But if you're constrained to shopping at local grocery stores, in which loaves of Wonder Breads, Pepperidge Farms, store-branded, etc are often the only choices at the store, simply put, this is a better product.

One last note, I did notice that both of the loaves lists gluten in their ingredients, so I'm guessing for those affected by gluten-sensitivity, this might not be an option.

Nature's Pride Bread

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