Monday, October 26, 2009

Koryodang : New York

Particularly after seeing the same old same old in my roundup of Philadelphia Chinatown bakeries, Koryodang in New York was a refreshing take on what an Asian bakery could be like.  I think it can be aptly described as a Korean take on a French bakery/coffeeshop.

Despite this picture, which makes it look like a bank, the interior is quite nice, in a somewhat upscale way.   I don't think anyone would describe it as cozy, charming or quaint, but I don't think most people would mind meeting up here.

Anyways, as for the baked goods, they were quite decent, particularly given the range of offerings.

Orangette cake - Surprisingly light and tasty cake with a small dab of cream cheese inside.

Curry deep-fried ball - A pastry with a curry that you might find on top of rice: beef, carrots, onions.  I think I was more impressed by the freshness and quality of ingredients, than by how much this really worked.  (I'm still not sure what the white flakes on the outside were.  It's not sugar. Perhaps bonito flakes?)

Mexico Bun - Oof, this looked like a big larvae, but it's just a Mexico bun.  Not bad, not overly sweet, but perhaps not something I'd get again.

Red bean fried ball - Strangely, this is probably one of the better renidtions of this I've had. Nice substantialness to fried glutinous rice, without being overly sticky and a good amount of not overly sweet red bean paste.

I think what makes me say that it's a take on a French bakery is that there's a level of baking quality, which is all too often missing in most Chinese bakeries I've tried.  While the pastries I tried are not quite in the same realm as a good French bakery shop, I think the combination of the Asian element makes for a somewhat interesting experience.

31 W 32nd St, New York, NY‎ (Map)
(212) 967-9661‎
- Other locations in Flushing, Great Neck
($Bakery, $Flushing, $Korean, $NYC)

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