Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家): Flushing, New York

A brand new day and a better one food-wise for my parents and me.  We kicked things off with dimsum at Guangzhou Restaurant (also known as Perfect Team Corp?) in Flushing.

Compared to the somewhat dubious outside, the upstairs eating area is actually quite nice looking. I recall being surprising at how clean it was inside. We were hungry, so I forgot to take an interior shot. Sorry.

Anyways, as for the food, it was fairly solid, but most of it was the traditional stuff.

Shrimp in Rice Wrapper (虾腸, ha cherng) - Wow, really very thin rice wrappers. The rice noodles didn't quite strike me as impressively fresh as say those in Koi Palace, but the thinness was particularly intriguing, in that it was such a strikingly different ratio of rice noodle to shrimp than the usual.

Taro Dumpling (芋头粉餜, wuh táu fun guo)- Decent, like Chiu Chou dumplings, except with taro cubes inside. My one complaint would be that the skin was noticeably too thick.

Steamed Fish Balls (鱼球? Lang yu kau) - Pretty decent. A nice fish-heavy flavor and a noticeable white pepper kick. A nice fresh texture as well.

Dried Vegetable Pork Butt Rice Porridge (菜干屁股粥, Choy gan pai gwet zho) - Quite solid, if not particularly memorable. The dried vegetables are frequently used for making soup and lend a flavor that I'm at a loss at thinking of a vegetable with analogous flavor. The pork butt meat was fairly tender and had been cut up in easy-to-manage smaller chunks.

BBQ Pork Buns (叉燒包, char siu baau) - Decent. The bbq pork was different than the normal artificial stuff and had a hint of a darker flavor, almost as if it had soy sauce/dark soy sauce. The bun itself seemed pretty freshly steamed as well.

Sweet Milk Tart? (Xin Nai Ta) - I was somewhat excited to see something new and different, but this was the one major and surprising misstep of our meal. The crust tasted like canned artificial cookies and the "sweet milk" was like a flavorless jelly that they add to those artificial cookies purely for texture. This didn't work one bit.

Yellow Bean Coconut Jello (ma(?) dou ye jup gou) - Again solidly done, but nothing particularly rave-able or innovative. Decent texture to the coconut jello and the beans were a nice texture, but fairly simple flavor.

There is certainly some solid dimsum served here and I would certainly not have any qualms about coming here again to try other dishes. Right now, if I were forced to choose based on the few dishes I've tried at each, I'd probably give the edge to Jade Asian Restaurant over Guangzhou Restaurant, but I think the difference in quality were relatively minor.

Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家)
13659 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11354 (Map)
(718) 888-9996
($Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC)


  1. Great review! Enjoyed reading the post.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Velva. Any plans to visit New York (or my current home, Philly) soon?