Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dolce Carini : Philadelphia

I didn't even get a whole pie or the recommended garlic on pizza, but I can definitely see why people like the pizza here.

That being said, I personally still might give the edge to Pagano's, just because their ingredients tasted so fresh, but Pagano's seems to be serving a different crowd and are not quite as convenient for picking up a slice to go in the evening, closing at 5:30. Their pizza is also different in style, with their crust not being as crunchy, which I know gets people all hot and bothered.


Mushroom - Enjoyable. The very thin crust, baked to a nice crunchiness is one of the appeals. The other is the slight saltiness, which together with the crunchiness, inexplicably reminded me of Mcdonald's fries.

Sausage - Slightly thicker crust than the mushroom. Decent, slightly more complex flavor than the usual sausage pizza, but this one, I didn't think was as striking.

Just judging from these two slices, this isn't a destination place, unlike what I've heard of Taconelli's, but if you're out with your friends and are hankering for a few tasty slices, this place does serve some tasty slices.

Dolce Carini
1929 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103-3531 (Map)
(215) 567-8892‎

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