Monday, September 14, 2009

Wenzhou ZhuJi XiaoChi (溫州朱记小吃): Golden Shopping Mall, Flushing, New York

I read the Feedbag's post on Wenzhou Zhu Ji and knew we had to try it out when we were in Flushing again.

The soup is called 骨头汤 or literally, bone broth. (Translated as Pork broth on the right in this blurry translated menu)

It's bloody brilliant.

I should first mention that the staff was really friendly, smiling and helpful through my bumbling attempts at Chinese, in contrast to some of the other stalls in the Golden Shopping Mall.

Yes, this is just a stock, pork bones slow-cooked for some time. But who's to deny its simple and cheap goodness?

Plus you use a straw to suck up the marrow inside the bones and don plastic gloves to nibble and suck on every morsel of the meat left on the bones.

There's actually not that much marrow to suck up using the straw, making it more like tasting little flecks of strong sumptuous meaty/brothy flavor.

However, I found that the real big winner was just sucking on the bone. Yes, you lose all sense of dignity. But hell, you have ill-fitting plastic gloves on anways and are sucking meat through a straw, so why not? To me, that flavor is what my ideal stock would taste like.

Oh boy, love this.

Fyi, here's my summary of the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing and the overview of Flushing.

Wenzhou ZhuJi XiaoChi (溫州朱记小吃)
Golden Shopping Mall, Stall 16
41-28 Main St Queens, NY 11355 (Map)
($Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC, $Recommended)

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