Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sau Voi Corp : Manhattan, New York

I'm not sure why I got so psyched up about the selling of underwear at Sau Voi Corp, alongside their banh mi. I imagined  that Sau Voi Corp was one of those Asian discount stores, which inexplicably sell underwear, and in the back was a small counter for banh mi. I envisioned buying a pair of boxers or briefs and showing a photo alongside the banh mi for kicks on my blog post.

Yeah, I've an odd sense of humor, but hey, you're the one still reading my blog.

In reality, well.

The place is mostly a cd/video shop.

It's tiny. Holy moly, maybe it's a 10 feet by 10 feet?

And umm, they sold only women's underwear. Nix that idea. (No, I'm not into that for myself.  And buying cheapo undies for my gf isn't exactly what she or I would call romantic.)

As for the banh mi, they made them behind a small glass counter, with ingredients and other food stuffs inside the case. They had a small toaster oven for toasting the rather large buns, which were bigger in girth than I've encountered before (reminding me of oversized burritos)..

1 Banh Mi Dac Biet - Special sandwich w/ ham, pate or slices of pork roll - Pretty decent. I could definitely taste the pate.  They give a fairly generous amount of meat and oh man, did the peppers have a good kick. The toasted bun was okay. I won't comment on the freshness, since it was relatively late in the day. But I don't get the size of the bun, how do you exactly put your mouth around this?

9 Banh mi nem Chua - Sandwich w/ Vietnamese Sour pork hash - I've never had sour pork hash, but they showed it to us and it looked like a hot dog.  Eating the sandwich regularly, I couldn't really taste the sour pork hash at all, but nibbling at it separately, it tasted like an odd mix between sauerkraut and rice noodles, with an surprisingly non-meat texture.

18 Banh Mi Xa Xiu - Essentially a banh mi w/ Chinese BBQ pork (cha shao) - Tasty as it might be, you could probably easily make this yourself.

I probably definitely had unfair expectations of this place, when in reality, being inside the store ordering banh mi felt quite normal for a Chinatown type experience.  The banh mi was fairly tasty and like the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, I wouldn't call this a destination place. But it is a decent, quick, light and inexpensive dining option if you are in the area.

Btw, this is the last of the posts for our NY trip.  I'll be returning to my normally scheduled Philly reviews.  

Sau Voi Corp
101-105 Lafayette St. #3 New York NY 10013 (Map)
Hours: 7 days, 9am-8pm

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