Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patisserie Claude : New York

Patisserie Claude apparently was/is one of New York foodie's favorite French patisseries for croissants.  I say was/is, because Claude pseudo-retired not so long ago, but still occassionally makes an appearance.

Anyhow, this is a bit of a incomplete review, as our timing for visiting a bakery left a lot to be desired. Specifically, we got at the the patisserie pretty late 15 minutes before closing, ~7:45pm, and we didn't eat the pastries until the next day. Needless to say, this isn't exactly the prime conditions for eating such things as croissants.

Croissant - This is probably the pastry/dessert that suffered the most from our dining timing.  It came across as bready, without any flakiness let alone a shattering.  Taste-wise, it was quite good, not overly buttery.   I would have loved to have tried this early morning, freshly baked to see what it was intended to taste like, but perhaps on another trip to NY.

Pain au chocolat - Quite enjoyed this.  Loved the darker chocolate, which was not as sweet as the usual chocolate in other renditions and texture-wise was soft and lovely.  The croissant itself, like the regular croissant was a bit on bready side, but still quite tasty.

Opera - Milk chocolate & caramel deliciousness.  The milk chocolate and caramel intertwining in a long, slow, lovely flavor dance.  The wet cake providing a complementary texture to the creamy chocolate and caramel.  Oh man, I thought I had given up on milk chocolate, but this was really quite good.

Cream puff - Also fabulous.  The cream was light, yet had rum or something slightly alcoholic that gave a slight edge to the flavor.  The puff itself was a bit damp throughout, which I'm guessing is from it sitting, but which I didn't mind at all.

While it's unfortunate that our timing meant the pastries & desserts weren't at their best, it's remarkable that they were still as good as they were.  This will be one place that I'll do my best to return to on subsequent visits to New York.

Patisserie Claude
187 W 4th St New York, NY 10014-3855 (Map)
(212) 255-5911
($Bakery, $French, $NYC)

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