Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nanbei Dumplings (南北水饺) : Golden Shopping Mall, Flushing, New York

This was our last stop in the Golden Shopping Mall and we took quite the circuitous route to end up at this stall. After eating at Xi'an Famous Foods, we left the mall and were unsuccessful in finding Sifu Chio for Wontons. White Bear, where we previously had had the delicious wontons with hot sauce, was closed. So back we circled.

Dumplings, 水饺 - It's kind of hard to live up to the lovely dumplings at Best Northern Dumpling Shop. These dumplings had thicker skin than those at Best Northern and the flavors of the insides were much more simplistic, almost just like soy sauce and ground pork.

Strangely, the chinkiang vinegar at the tables seemed watered down in flavor. I hope it's more that the bottle was old, rather than it being literally watered down, but even so, wouldn't mean that not enough customers come in using the vinegar?

On a completely separate note, I sat facing the Super Duper Drink Store, where a young lady rested her chin on the counter, looking around with sad puppy dog eyes, seemingly massively and touchingly disappointed that this bustling mall had no customers for her juice stall.

We had previously grabbed a watermelon juice at a separate place (Tong's Cafe, Map); otherwise, I'm fairly certain I would have felt guilty enough to try out one of the juices there. Perhaps next time.

Anyways, I mention that only because I'm sure this slightly dampened my spirits on top of an already slightly mundane dining experience. I don't mean to complain about hand-made dumplings, because they're just so much more enjoyable than the pre-packaged ones, but with so many delicious places to try in Flushing, I don't think we'll be coming back to this stall anytime soon.

If you're interested, there's more to read at the overview of the Golden Shopping Mall and the overview of Flushing.

Nanbei Dumplings, 南北水饺
Golden Shopping Mall, Stall 1a
41-28 Main St Queens, NY 11355 (Map)
($Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC)

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