Friday, September 04, 2009

Minar : New York

My gf and I recently spent a few days in NYC to celebrate our time together and of course, did so in a eat-up-the-town food-blitz style. Now, I do feel a bit sad that a number of my recent posts have been so non-Philly oriented, especially since I have so many restaurants I want to try here, but I'll return to enjoying and talking about this fair town soon enough.


We were coming off of a 3 1/2 hour bus ride, which was 45 minutes late to begin with. The ride normally takes 2 hours from Philadelphia to New York, but we hit pretty awful traffic (a tractor trailer had apparently jack knifed off the highway) and inexplicably, our driver and accompanying support via radio didn't try an alternate route.

In other words, we were famished when we stumbled into Minar for lunch.

Minar is a pretty casual Indian restaurant with a cafeteria style buffet, in addition to its menu.

Saag paneeer - Pretty disappointing, a particular spice that I couldn't place overwhelmed the initial dish and got pretty tiring. There was also a noticeable amount of ghee used as well. The cheese was okay and certainly not fresh enough to overcome our other complaints with the dish. The plain naan was non-oily and fairly plain, the way I like it.

Lamb biryani - This was more satisfying, hot chiles providing a good uumph and a good amount of somewhat conventional blended spices made this pretty flavorful. The lamb could have been more tender, but this was more than good enough to be satisfying after our lengthy busride.

Mango lassi - Under-spiced. This was a somewhat bland mango yogurt combo.

Perhaps going with the buffet options or one of the number of dosas on the menu might have been a better choice. All I will probably remember of this meal is that it was better than sitting on a bus going 1 mph.

9 West 31st St New York NY 10001 (31st & 5th, Map)
(212) 967-2727

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