Friday, September 11, 2009

Jade Asian Restaurant : Flushing, New York

After getting blown away by some of the dimsum in SF (Koi Palace) and in LA (Happy Harbor 1, 2), I've been really curious to see what the dimsum places in New York would be like. Would it live up to the quality and inventiveness of the dimsum on the west coast?

It turns out no, not really.

But Jade Asian certainly served the best dimsum I've had on the east coast so far (although admittedly my memories of Toronto dimsum are from some time ago).

We arrived around 11'ish and were seated without much of a wait, maybe 5 minutes at the most. The place is fairly bright and clean, with cart style dimsum.

Since it was just my gf and I dining, I knew we wouldn't be able to order that many dishes and I had hoped I could restrain myself enough, so that we could have room to try out some of the non-standard dishes.

But I didn't really see many new plates and we ended up caving a bit.

1000 Year Old Egg & Pork Rice Porridge / 皮蛋粥 (Cantonese: Pei dan sow yuk juk) - Decent white porridge, but small pork pieces and almost non-existent 1000 yr old egg pi dan portions. Where is the pi dan?

Chao Zhou Dumplings / 潮州粉餜 (Chiu Chow Fen Guo) - Radish pieces, peanuts, pork, celery. Dumpling skin above average, but nothing transcendent. Also somewhat cold.

Pearl Balls / 珍珠丸子 - Sticky Rice covering a pork meatball. Juicy pork, but it's like the standard pork meatball they serve in a lot of dimsum places, except with sticky rice. Not anything mindblowing or complex in flavor.

Glutinous rice in lotus leaves / 糯米鸡 (Cantonese: jun gee gai) - Okay, perhaps slightly fresher than usual.

Shrimp Noodle Roll / 蝦腸 (Cantonese: haa1 coeng4)- Now we're starting to get somewhere. The shrimp is fresh. The noodles exhibiting that nice slightly gritty texture that indicates its hand made freshness. Yum.

Beef stomach 牛柏叶 (Cantonese: ngau pak yip) - Light and cooked well, but not too flavorful.

Turnip Cake / 萝卜糕 (Cantonese: lo4 baak6 gou1) - A really nice texture, one that slowly fills your mouth completely, like a glorious version of mashed potato, except mashed turnip. A bit on the salty side though and we wished there was more of that pan fried crunch to it, but one of the better dishes of our meal.

Durian pastry / 榴莲 - Finally something different, I sprung to order it, even though we did not know what it was (new Chinese vocab for me and gf). Once it was on our table, however, we both hesitated. To me it looked like a gigantic larva and certainly the initial gooey and overflowing durian pudding inside didn't help that thought either. But this was also one of the better dishes we had. The durian flavor is such a unique one, starting off a little off-putting and then transforming into a rich, sweet pleasing one. Every bite, I thought there was almost too much pudding, but this was saved by the small crunch of the very thin egg tart-like crust on the outside and the accompanying sesame seeds. A really rather intriguing beast this one was.

Overall, this didn't get me as excited as the west coast dimsum experiences did, but it was certainly a very solid dimsum meal, enough so that I would recommend it.

Jade Asian Restaurant
13628 39th Ave Flushing, NY 11354-5516 (Map)
(718) 762-8821
($Brunch, $Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC)

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