Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hong Bo : Philadelphia

I stopped by Hong Bo based on a tip that I could buy hand-made dumplings there (which are simple and decent) and ended up getting a bowl of noodle soup.

The place seems unabashedly geared towards the Chinese demographic. I struggled using my Mandarin and was rewarded with the lady being really friendly. She ended up calling me "小弟“ (little younger brother) throughout the meal.

Anyhow, the place seemed geared towards their buffet style selection, which the majority of customers seemed get, so I suspect one would probably be able to get by without Chinese.

I was, however, intrigued by their WeiHai Noodles, which I had never heard of before. (Weihai is a city in the Shandong province)

Wei Hai Noodles - Shrimp, Green bean bits, scrambled eggs. The lady mentioned that the noodles are house-made, pointing out the noodle machine in the window. The noodles are not nearly as interesting as those at Nanzhou Hand-drawn Noodles, the shrimp was a little overcooked, as were the green bean bits, but this homey simplicity of the dish feels like eating at home. And for $3.50 for such a large bowl, I can't really complain at all. The broth had a top-heavy kick, with ginger pieces and white pepper.

While the noodle soup was only okay, with such a dirt cheap price and such friendly staff, I'm really curious to stop by again and try out some of their other dishes.

(Here's their menu below)

Hong Bo
149 N 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19107-2311 (Map)
(215) 629-4846
($Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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