Friday, September 18, 2009

Bouchon Bakery : Manhattan, New York

Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda.

I should have noted that Bouchon was never mentioned in any croissant related Chowhound threads.  Or had I done a simple search of Chowhound, I might have seen this old 2006 thread proclaiming the quality of Bouchon was going downhill.  But I saw a blogger post citing Bouchon as one of the author's favorite croissants in New York and immediately marked it down as a to-try.

Bouchon is in the Time Warner Center, basically an upscale mall on the SW corner of Central Park and it's got a clean aesthetic to match perfectly in with the rest of the stores.  Bouchon is also associated with a certain Thomas Keller, which I didn't realize until researching after the fact.

You of course have all of the lovely looking, neatly organized pastries and desserts...

But.  Where the heck is the taste?  Sure, people (rather pretentiously) throw around the term "shatter effect" when talking about croissant as if that's the only thing that matters.  Sure this has great outside crunch to the outside, displaying serious baking skill.   But seriously, this thing was so light in flavor that it was almost insulting.  A good croissant and a good French pastry to me is always about pleasure, about sensuality of the mouth.   It's a flavor that lingers long after you've swallowed.

A light croissant with "great shatter effect" and no flavor is just missing the point completely.

Oy.  Same thing goes for this almond thing too.

Yes, we came here a little bit after dining at Jean Georges.  Yes, it was a big let-down.  No, I wouldn't have a different opinion if this hadn't been preceded by a high-quality dining experience.

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Cir New York, NY 10019-1158 (Map)
(212) 823-9364
($Bakery, $French, $NYC)

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