Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zhong Gang Bakery : Philadelphia

Continuing on my Round-up of Philadelphia Chinese Bakeries, it's ZhongGang Bakery.

I won't bore you, kind reader. The buns I got at Zhong Gang Bakery aren't that different in quality or variety than those of other Chinatown bakeries. I'll just highlight the few interesting points.

Rice cake with egg custard - The standard sticky rice cake, except with egg custard insides usually found inside some of the pineapple buns. A decent glutinous rice pancake, with a somewhat sweet but fitting custard. I would consider ordering this again.

Nai yao bao - The cream a bit sweet, but fairly light. Bun not too different than your avg bakery.

Roast pork (Cha Shao) - A somewhat unusual tasting inside, tasting more like a soy sauce flavored mix than the sweetened (and redish) "bbq" flavor of most bakeries. I can't say that this different rendition really did it for me, but at least it was slightly different.

Egg Custard Tart (Dan Ta) - Again, not too far off from the standard bakery.

Ham & egg - And yep, not too far off from the standard bakery, perhaps however, with a slightly fluffier bun.

All in all, the buns may have been slightly lighter than your average Chinese bakery, but on the whole these renditions didn't try much different in quality or variety, making for a terrifically boring blog entry.

Philadelphia Chinese Bakery Round-up

Zhong Gang Bakery
127 N 10th St Philadelphia, PA 19107-2402 (Map)
(215) 923-8268
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