Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sapporo : New York

This entry feels it's more "for posterity" than anything, especially after posting about such brilliant eating experiences in Flushing.  But here goes.

After having had ramen noodles several times this summer, I was curious to see whether there were any decent ramen shops on the East Coast.   I ended up stopping by Sapporo in Manhattan and I think this old comment from Chowhound was spot-on for my bowl of miso ramen:
The only place we felt even mildly compelled to return to was Sapporo for the miso ramen, but even then it was considered "imai-ichi" which is an expression meaning something like "falls short". -SilverJay

I'm still a relative ramen newbie, but personally what usually makes or breaks a bowl of ramen is the broth. And here the broth well was decent enough not to complain about, but not good enough to walk out beaming.  There's just wasn't that rich complex umami flavor found in great broths or a rich fatty oilyness in guilty pleasure bowls.

Shrug.  While these comments are from 2006, the next few times I'm in NY, I hope I get a chance to try out the ramen places that are recommended.

PS.  Fyi and perhaps a conversation for your next international cocktail party.  I and I suspect most Americans, associate ramen with Japanese cuisine.  But strangely, my Chinese teacher mentioned that Japanese actually associate ramen with Chinese cuisine and this was confirmed by a few Japanese classmates.  Granted ramen did apparently originate from China, but it's still funny to think about this difference in cultural perspective.

152 W 49th St New York, NY 10019 (Map)
(212) 869-8972
Chowhound | Yelp

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