Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sakura Mandarin: Philadelphia

After the disaster that was our meal at Vietnam Palace, we picked up some take-out from Sakura to try and redeem our Chinatown trip.

And we were glad we did, like Philadining's and Craig Laban's experiences, we enjoyed the food and it certainly picked up our spirits.

Xiao long bao - I agree with Philadining in preferring this version over the Dimsum Garden one. They don't quite burst with soup as the Dim Sum Garden does, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality, the soup being tastier & heartier than that in DSG xiao long bao. We also liked the skin, which was thin, almost like a noodle texture, seemingly barely thick enough to contain the soup.

Scallion pancake - Nice & greasy. Strangely tasting more like Lay's chives and sour cream potato chips than the usual scallion pancake flavor, but like the Lay's potato chips, you can't deny that it's tasty.

Tripe (Unpictured) - Pretty decent tendons and meat, with a oily sauce that had a good kick to it.

We're looking forward to returning and having a proper meal here, but we're glad to have at least gotten a taste of the what the buzz was about.

Sakura Mandarin
1038 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19107-2306
(215) 873-8338
($Chinese, $Japanese, $Philadelphia)

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