Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rosie's Bakery: Boston

The next few posts will be from a couple of short trips to Boston a month ago and I'm kicking things off with what else: a cookie.

Rosie's Bakery is a fond memory from my time in the Boston/Cambridge area, mainly for serving the first chocolate cake that I actually liked and that wasn't overly sweet for my taste. My gf and I ended up being in the area, so we stopped by to try out some of their goods.

And uhh by goods, I mean a cookie.

It kind of pains me to say so, but the cookie didn't really hold up to the memory of the chocolate cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookie - Decent texture - chewie, with a nice outside crunch. But not exactly the most original taste, tasting very much like Tollhouse home-made cookies.  I have nothing against more homey cookies, but having to pay for one at a bakery, I've come to expect something more well-executed than something you could do at home (See Famous 4th St Cookies for a good example).

Fortunately, we didn't end up getting any chocolate cake, so my fond memory is still somewhat preserved, but it really makes me cringe to see this Chowhound thread with folks giving Rosie's the thumbs up for their cookies.

Rosie's Bakery

243 Hampshire St Cambridge MA (Inman Square) (Map)
(617) 354-1843

Other Locations: Chestnut Hill, South Station, Porter Square, Wellesley
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