Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hong Kong Eatery : Boston

(Update: Dec, 2010)
Reconfirming my earlier impression.  It has okay but not stand-out renditions and I don't get the recommendations.

Beef Tendon Wonton Noodles (牛腩混沌面)
Similar to before, wontons were okay, but the skins were somewhat overcooked, so it was difficult to tell whether they were fresh or not.  Insides of the dumplings were your standard fare.

Sanpan Porridge (Tan Jai jook)
Jellyfish slices, fried peanuts, duck skin, shrimp, squid
Okay.  Fried peanuts lent a nice crunch, but seafood was not reallly noticeably fresh and the jellyfish slices on the limp side.  The porridge itself was decent in texture, temperature, but nothing jumped out in terms of flavor.

Glutinous rice (粽子)
Decent stuff.  Always like it when they have egg yolk inside.  Pork was especially fatty.

Singapore Rice Noodles (星洲炒米粉)
Got a bit more bite and almost powderness than your usual stuff, as if they added not your standard curry powder.  Not bad, but again, not really stick-out good.


I don't get the hubbub that HK Eatery gets on the Boston Chow boards, since my gf and I had such a lackluster dining experience there.

Fish slice rice porridge (鱼片粥) - Mediocre version. the fish not being that fresh or subtly cooked and the porridge not anything to write home about.

Youtiao (油条) - Cold and stale, ugh, the worst combination this stuff can be.

Wonton Noodles (混沌面) - Ok, but again nothing amazing. Decent wontons, noodles and broth, but nothing to rave about.

Salty & Peppery Shrimp (椒盐虾)- Probably the dish that made our dining experience go from mediocre to disappointing. A tad overly salted and the shrimp not that fresh and slightly overcooked to make for a salty pasty mush.

Based on these dishes, I just don't get why anyone would recommend this place. Perhaps particular dishes are much better, but as it was, we had a much better take-out meal from China Pearl Best Cafe (11 Tyler St, undocumented because we were in a bit of a rush).

Hong Kong Eatery
79 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02111-1909 (Map)
(617) 423-0838
($Boston, $Chinese)

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