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Golden Shopping Mall : New York

**Edited Aug 31, 2009 ** Updated the floor map and added the stall listing.

Golden Shopping Mall is yet another place in Flushing adored by foodies.

And for good reason. It's a small mall, packed with a few stores and widely varied food stalls, offering cuisine from regions of China, not often seen here in the states: Xi'an, Guizhou, Tiajin, Sichuan, Fujian, Wenzhou and even Chinese Muslim food.

Golden Shopping Mall Stall Listing

Strangely, despite the number of folk recommending this place on the internet (which I'll get to below), none of them provide any floorplan of the place, despite it being rather confusing for someone who doesn't really read Chinese. So here's my contribution to the discussion: a floorplan, with English names, stall numbers and Chinese names, using the colors of the stall sign.

Golden Shopping Mall Floor Plan
Still don't quite know the name/number of the bottom stall This is also
only the lower floor, since I didn't have the time to peruse the upper floor.
Comment or email me if you have any corrections.

As for recommendations, this is the recap as of today. Apparently, some of these stalls have a fast turnaround (I looked at some photos from 2008 and a number of the stalls were different!), so if in doubt, consult Chowhound.

Stall 31 - Chengdu Sky House (Sichuan)
NYTimes Flushing map
Chowhound Rec

Stall 32 - Satisfactory Wenzhou (Wenzhou)

Stall 33 - Guizhou (Guizhou)
Translated Menu via Chowhound

Stall 38 - House of Xie (Tianjin)
NYTimes Flushing Map

Stall 36 - X'ian Famous Food (Xian,, Translated Menu)
My writeup of the savory lamb burger
Long Chowhound post on Xian Famous Foods
Other Chowhound rec

Stall 27 - Lan Zhou Handmade Noodles (Lan Zhou)
NYTimes Interactive Flushing Map

Stall 16 - Wenzhou Zhu Ji (Wenzhou)
My writeup
Feedbag's writeup of marrow sucking
Translated Menu via Chowhound

Stall 1a - Nanbei Dumplings
My writeup
Chowhound Nanbei dumplings

Upstairs - Wang Zhen Xiao Chi

And the most up-to-date and thorough pictures of the Golden Shopping Mall that I could find were on flickr by user Kathryn on Chowhound, who also attempted to do a summary in 2008.

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St Queens, NY 11355 (Map)
($Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC, $Recommended)

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