Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fage Yogurt

This is old news for some of you foodies, but for those who aren't familiar with it, I just wanted to give a quick  heads up about Fage yogurt.  I just picked up a Fage Yogurt with honey (incidentally at Old Nelson Deli, which also has some decent frozen yogurt) and I have to say that this stuff is pretty great.   I liked the yogurt on its own, a tangy, thick, creamy mass that is natural tasting, but together with the honey, it was simply a joy.

Pic blatantly stolen from Fage Yogurt's website
but I hope they don't mind.

Anyways, a number of places on the internet have covered this already (SeriousEats and FoodHer promotion to name a couple), so I won't be redundant:

But I did want to point out a few sites that showcase recipes on using this yogurt, not only for the usual breakfast/dessert type deals, but also for entree dishes, since Fage yogurt is fairly similar to sour cream. (umm, not that I know how to use sour cream for any dishes, but I'm definitely intrigued...)

Fage USA recipes

Anyways, if you haven't tried Fage yogurt yet, they are apparently doing a bit of promotional tour of the US.

And just for references, an somewhat old Chowhound "Prices for Fage Yogurt" Thread, which also features where it's sold.

Fage Yogurt
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