Monday, August 03, 2009

El Deportivo : New York

This week, a few short posts from a past trip to NY City, starting with Puerto Rican food at El Deportivo.

El Deportivo is at 9th and 49th, pretty convenient if you're coming from Times Square or Port Authority.  And great if you're having a craving for simple Puerto Rican / Caribbean food, like I was.

After a bit of troubles with the Spanish chalkboard menu, the waitress laughingly gave me the English menu.  I ended up just getting a chicken mofongo.

The grilled chicken was pretty decent: savory & slighty herbed.  Homey cooked onion slices. The plaintain ball  had a satisfying crunch on the outside.  Like the mofongo I've had in PR, it was plain-tasting like any other staple, but here slightly flavored (sort of like cinammon flavored jasmine rice for example).

I also ended up ordering a beans and rice, but the mofongo was surprisingly pretty filling and I ended up saving the beans and rice for a later tasty snack.

This was a simple meal.  Perhaps there are better mofongos elsewhere in the city, but this was relatively inexpensive, conveniently located and tasty.  I'm not going to complain.

El Deportivo
701 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (Map)

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