Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dessert Delivery : New York

While I had the opportunity to in New York (and after a seemingly overly-lengthy hiatus), I of course had to try out another cookie place.  Dessert Delivery was recommended on Chowhound on my type of thread (one about cookies).

They didn't have an oatmeal raisin, so it's the chocolate chip cookie solo.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
It's about 3-4 inches in diameter and on the paler side of cookies.  Normally I don't think it's generally what I go for.  It's slightly under-baked, so parts are reminiscent of the cookie dough texture and flavor.  Texturewise, there's a good crunch to the chocolate chunks.  The chocolate chunks have a more rich milk chocolate taste, but are interestingly balanced out by the pale under-cooked-ness of the cookie.  Decent, but again not my particular type.

PS.  As an aside, while I didn't really stay very long as I was just buying the one cookie, the staff (baker?) were quite friendly.  I almost felt bad for not buying something else, but alas, my stomach was full from the earlier meal at El Deportivo.  Perhaps if I ever get a chance in the future I'll stop by again to try some of their other sweets out.

PPS. And yes, they do delivery desserts.

Dessert Delivery
360 E 55th St. New York, NY (Map)
(212) 838-5411
($Bakery, $cookies, $NYC)

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