Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cora Cora : West Hartford

Hartford has three other Peruvian restaurants that I know of: Piolin, Furia Chalaca (aka. San Marcos) and Goal International (never been, but on Hartford Advocates' Poll) and I'd recommend any of the others over Cora Cora in a heartbeat.

I think the general "consensus" of this place is pure bollocks and I suspect written by those who haven't tried those other places.

Arroz Con Mariscos - Okay, but not great.

Lomo Saltado - Egregiously salty. Meat overcooked

Roast Chicken (Half) - Overcooked and burnt in some places.

?? - this was some sort of steak of some kind. Just remember all of the meats being overcooked.

Ceviche - Decent, but again not great.

Yes, this was from a dining experience a few months ago, but unless things have dramatically changed at Cora Cora, there's really no excuse to go there. Piolin is literally 4 minutes away. Why settle for not as good food?

Cora Cora
162 Shield St West Hartford, CT 06110 (Map)
(860) 953-2672
($Connecticut, $Hartford, $South / Latin American, lConnecticut)


  1. cora cora may have its bad days but almost all peruvians i know have opted to eat here than at any other place.

  2. Anon, I'll give you that perhaps it just happened to be a bad day (a really bad day), but I'd love to hear from your Peruvian friends why they prefer the food here over that at Furia Chalaca or Piolin (or Goal International). Btw, if they prefer because of location or decor, I could definitely see that, but I need some convincing on the food-part...

  3. this review is flawed. The ceviche at Cora Cora was superb. Excellent ceviche...Just would be nice for the owners to come out and talk to the customers.. They need to get more Americans in there to branch out. Owner and manager should be talking to the customers. Ive been there several times and the waiters never come over and ask how my food is...Big Mistake!-- in this type of business you must build relationships with clients...

  4. Anon2, what's your frame of reference? Have you tried the ceviche at the other Peruvian restaurants that I mentioned? The particular time I went, it didn't compare at all to the versions at the other restaurants (and certainly not to what I've had in Peru for that matter).

    Regarding atmosphere and service at ethnic restaurants, I could go either way. From an American perspective, we're used to waiters/owners checking up on diners, but if these guys are doing well enough on just Peruvian and South American ex-pats, then they might simply not care enough to change their ways to appease American diners. That's their prerogative and I'm fine with that.

  5. Goal International is closed. Love love love Cora Cora!


  6. Ooops.. posted before I was done. Cora Cora - the service is excellent,the wait staff was very attentive, the atmosphere fun. Cora Cora is a very clean restaurant with great food. We've never had a bad meal there, or poor service. The Ceviche was outstanding. I can't wait to go back.

    We're having girl's night out at Cora Cora soon.

    Sometimes it's the attitude of diners that is the problem. Sometimes it's the staff. It was all great when we've been there.