Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Best Northern Dumpling Shop (东北饺子王): New York

I've been wanting to stop by Flushing. New York for the longest time, but never seemed to have had time to. This trip, my gf and I finally rectified this problem and oh man, what a joy this place is for a foodie.

We did our best to follow this Chowhounders' Flushing day-trip.  Our first stop was Best Northern Dumpling Shop, a small stand inside a one-room building with other dining and dried herbs stands.

Yes, that's right.  6 chairs.  
(I suspect a number of  folk buy the frozen dumplings for
 home consumption, which I would have if I could have.)

The prices are insanely cheap.

As denoted in the picture, we got a 10-piece order of cabbage, celery & pork dumplings (白,芹菜猪肉锅贴) and a 10-piece order of leek and seafood dumplings (韭菜三鲜锅贴) and they were absolutely marvelous.   Freshly boiled, scrumptious juicy insides and lovely home-made skins, all for a bloody whopping grand total of $6.50.

We overheard the guy behind the counter mentioning to others that he was running out of dumplings, since his parents, the people who make the dumplings, had gone back to China for a visit.  He would be closing the stand in a couple of days (we visited the place back in mid-July) and only reopening in September.   We were terrifically lucky with our timing, but this is unfortunate for anyone planning to visit Flushing during August.

But if you're planning to visit afterwards, definitely stop by.  This place is brilliant.

Best Northern Dumpling Shop (东北饺子王)
135-08 Roosevelt Ave Queens, NY 11354 (Map)
($Chinese, $Flushing, $NYC, $Recommended)

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