Thursday, August 20, 2009

163 : Boston

What can you get to eat for 4 dollahs in Bawston?

Yes, a banh mi and a coke at 163.

*But* they give such a measly portion of meat, I hardly think you're getting that great of a deal. Look at this, a couple of cold-cut slices. Mostly carrots. No pate. This is fairly spartan as far as banh mi's go.

Taste-wise, I guess it was okay. Decent bread and the ingredients were fairly fresh. Pretty much what you taste is what you see.

We also got some vegetable bun and a spring roll. The spring roll was so-so, not freshly cooked enough to be satisfying for being so small. And the bun I thought was way insufficient to be called a meal: a few strands of rice noodle, some leaves and nuts in vinegar does not a meal make.

I really wish I had seen this low-down on the banh mi scene in Boston before eating there. While taste-wise, it was appropriate for the cheap hole-in-the-wall Chinatown setting, portion-wise, however, it felt like you had just finished negotiating with a tight-fisted miser: completely unsatisfied.

66 Harrison Ave Boston MA 02111 (Map)
(617) 988-8006
($Boston, $Vietnamese)

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