Monday, July 27, 2009

Yogorino : Philadelphia

Folks have gotten a little impatient with how long Yogorino took to open, but after visiting today, I must say that the wait was well worth it.

I think Capogiro has some real competition on its hands and I wouldn't be surprised to find similarly long lines for this place soon.

I'm really pleased to find that it's not just another Pinkberry clone. Rather there's a distinctly Italian spin to it that's distinct enough to stand on its own and something that I might in fact prefer over Pinkberry (I'll of course need to return for further investigation).

There's only one flavor of yogurt, plain, which is not quite as tart as Pinkberry, but has a pleasing creaminess. You can choose from 6 different liquid toppings: white chocolate, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, coffee and walnut, in addition to various fruit, nut, and muesli dry toppings.

We opted for hazelnut and strawberry and thought it was delicious. The hazelnut reminded me of hazelnuts in a Lindt truffle and really melded well with the yogurt. The strawberries were fresh and cut in small pieces appropriate for easy scooping.

Just about the only reservation I have is the price. There's 4 sizes: mini, small, medium and large and they were $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, and $5.99 if I recall correctly. These prices include only one topping, with each additional one $0.50 extra.

I suspect these high prices are covering the high-quality ingredients and the fancy cups and spoons (made in Italy), but for those prices, this isn't an everyday treat. (For that, I'm still going to regular Old Nelson Deli for its YoCream yogurt, despite what anyone says.) But I'm more than happy to have this in town and get a particular kick knowing that this is the first Yogorino location in the U.S. (yeah, not New York, LA, but Phili.)

I'll be returning soon, hopefully before the long lines start to form.

20th & Locust St Philadelphia PA (Map)

Store Hours:
 Mon-Thur: 11am - 1pm
 Fri: 11am - midnight
 Sat: 10am - midnight
 Sun: 11am - 10pm

($Dessert, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)


  1. That picture is sooo fake. I ordered a medium and it was 3/4 empty. I would rather go to Capogiro and get a full cup and pay their prices. Also, I personally think the decor is tacky for Rittenhouse Square. And though the cups are fancy Italian and nicer than the typical white containers used, these cups are not eco-friendly and a waste in my opinnon.
    The yogurt was good, but the price is not worth it.

  2. hmm, i didn't care too much for yogorino, especially having to wait over 4 months before they finally opened (i wonder what the deal was for such a delay in the opening). anyhow, i'd rather stick to Capogiro which has better variety of gelato...or with Yo-Cream from Old Nelson which is cheaper and the tartness of the yogurt is just delightful!

  3. First Anon: Haha, I'm not sure why you'd think I'd fake a photo. But to address your issue with the portions, it seemed to me like the staff were still adjusting to everything. While there, I overheard the owner saying she was still being trained by the other staff member, a lady from Italy (who I presume is from the original Yogorino/Baby Yogurt chain), so I'd guess that they're still experimenting with portion sizes.

    Second anon: Thanks for the comment. I'm also curious about the delay and should have asked, while there, but didn't. I'm also glad to see any person enjoying the Yo-Cream at Old Nelson.

  4. Who cares about the delays?!? The point is that it's here now and freaking AMAZING!!

    As far as the decor being "tacky" for Rittenhouse Square... yeah... I'm sure we all miss the aesthetic brilliance of dank, old "Sushi on the Square" and the now vacant WAWA?!!? HAHA! Come on people! For real?!?!

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  6. This place is awful! The ice cream (that's what it is - POWDERED and unfresh) is unhealthy and overpriced. The owner is very rude and conceited. Don't waste your money in this place and give your money to people who work to deserve it - this place certainly doesn't deserve your cash!