Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thai Cafe : Durham

For some reason, this particular morning was like Goldilocks and the three bears. We first stopped at Guglhopf Bakery, only to find it closed on Mondays. Then off to Taqueria La Vaquita, to find it outdoor dining only and on a much too hot day for that. Then a brief stop at Nanas to discover it was too expensive than we were looking. Finally, we decided upon Thai Cafe right down the street.

I wish I could say that all of the restaurant hopping was worth it in the end, but I thought this was pretty ordinary and unexciting.

Coconut Soup - Overly salty, to the point where my Mom added sugar to take away from the fact.

Fried Tofu - Piping hot, but overcooked and fairly tasteless without the sauce.

Basil Leaf Wrap - Unmemorable.

Masaman Curry - Again, nothing particularly bad, but nothing unique or memorable either.

Pad prik - Like any stir-fry dish with a simple sauce.

Crispy catfish - Maybe the best dish of our meal, which wasn't saying much, because it was just a battered, deep fried fish with a sweet duck-like sauce.

Green Curry - Salty, no complexity in the curry.

Just about the only thing that was remotely interesting about our meal was our waitress, who my Mom claimed was one of the most beautiful women she's ever seen. I think I have slightly different tastes than my Mom does, but that conversation at least provided some entertainment value that was lacking from our somewhat lifeless meal.

PS. It sounds like there may be select dishes that are decently done. See this thread and this one.

Thai Cafe
2501 University Dr # 10, Durham, NC‎ (Map)
(919) 493-9794‎

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