Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rouge Ninety Eight : Philadelphia

It seems strange to me that the Good Dog burger gets much more love than the Rouge burger, because I thought that this burger was the best burger I've had so far in Phili.

Yes it's a whopping $16.

Yes, I realize this burger was featured on Alan Richman's 20 Burgers You Must Eat Before You Die, which invites a lot more focused attention to it. I honestly don't give a crap about the list, since well I haven't eaten enough burgers across the country to really assess or repute his choices anyways.

All I know that this was a massive burger and it was flat-out delish. Behold:

The patty is at least an inch and a half thick.

And I had to have an operation to unhinge my jaw so that I could eat this like a snake.

An explanation is probably in order for the picture. I've had this burger twice now: once as take-out (Pictured. This was also when I realized this wasn't really a place for take-out. Heh.) and once again with my gf at the restaurant.

The sheer size of the patty and the fatty goodness of the beef just draws all of your attention to it and holds it throughout your bite. I'm not sure if I've ever had a burger in which I was so enthralled by the beef patty itself that the other parts, bun, cheese, onions just faded away as secondary.

One thing I will note is that because of the sheer size, by the time I got to the end of the burger, it was obviously no longer warm and as delish as the initial bites. It's really an issue with portion size, but this is a little bit recursive, since it's the thickness of the patty, which makes it so rich and delicious in the first place. I don't know what to tell you here. Laban suggests feeding leftovers to your dog. All I can tell you is that the burgers don't reheat so well in the microwave.

Not pictured are the frites which while decent, if the buns, cheese and onions are secondary, they would be a far tertiary concern. They're very thin and crunchy and probably the best comparison in describing them, while crude, would be those thin and crunchy potato sticks convenience snacks.

Anyways, hopefully I'll get around to trying the Good Dog burger again and some of the other places that folk recommend for burgers, such as Royal Tavern, Standard Tap, Aspen, etc. But I make no promises. It seems like my to-try list grows exponentially despite my best efforts.

Rouge Ninety Eight
205 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA‎ (Map)
(215) 732-6622‎
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)

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