Thursday, July 16, 2009

NYTimes: Frank Bruni "I was a Baby Bullimic"

A really interesting article from NYTimes food critic, Frank Bruni, on his struggle with being overweight as a kid and teen, "I was a Baby Bullimic."

Don't be turned off by the title. It's sort of true, but also a bit of a cheap hook. The rest of the article is rather good, leading from Bruni's early fascination with food
I wasn’t merely fond of candy bars. I was fascinated by them and determined to catalog them in my head, where I kept an ever-shifting, continually updated list of the best of them, ranked in order of preference. Snickers always beat out 3 Musketeers, which didn’t have the benefit of nuts. Baby Ruth beat out Snickers, because it had even more nuts. But nuts weren’t crucial: one of my greatest joys was the KitKat bar, and I couldn’t imagine any geometry more perfect than the parallel lines of its chocolate-covered sections. I couldn’t imagine any color more beautiful than the iridescent orange of the wrapping for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
to his later struggles with losing weight, trying the Atkins diet at age 8 with his mother, attempting to fast in high-school to bullimia in college.

The article is fairly long by internet reading standards (9 pages), but by the end, I was wishing I could read more about how Bruni eventually became a food writer, particularly now knowing his childhood background with food.

Anyways, give it a spin: I was a Baby Bullimic

PS. There's also an accompanying slide show, in which you can see pictures of him as a kid and where he admits now looking back that he wasn't quite as overweight as he thought himself to be.

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