Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Harmony Bakery : Philadelphia

Continuing on my round-up of Chinatown bakeries, my gf and I stopped by New Harmony Bakery on 9th and Race.

Sesame Seed Ball (Jee ma gok) - Nice crunch on the outside and not overly oily. Not overly sticky or sweet rice paste. But damn, there needs to be more red bean paste than the meager amount inside.

Dan ta - Decent, the crust was slightly more powderly/crumbly than other renditions I've had. But the filling was nothing especially notable.

Ham & Egg - Rather generic and like the average acceptable Chinese bakery. You have your chunk of slightly sweetened egg and your chunk of ham, where the juice of the ham has slightly seeped onto the inside of the bun butt crack making for a slightly juicy experience. The bun also has a sweet lathering as well.

Taro bun - Didn't find the taro insides to be interesting and your bun was your standard slightly sweeten bun.

Raisin Twist - Again, nothing that outstanding about this one either. You standard raisin twist.

This Rec on Chowhound is from 2007, so perhaps things have changed since then, but I didn't really find much here about the buns to be that excited about.

For an overview on all of the Philadelphia Chinese bakeries, here's my roundup.

New Harmony Bakery
901 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19107-1805 (Map)
(215) 923-7400
($Bakery, $Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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