Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mayflower Bakery : Philadelphia

I'm doing my best to do a round-up of Chinese bakeries in Chinatown, this time following up on a few old Chowhound votes for Mayflower Bakery.

Ham & egg - Overall, the flavor or this bun was light. Instead of the usual think chunk of slimy ham, there was a single cold cut slice. I could hardly taste the egg slice and the bun itself was fairly airy. I personally found the lightness in taste a little unsatisfying, but that shouldn't take away from the skill I suspect to make this.

Pineapple Bun (Buo Luo) - The topping is unlike all other renditions of this bun I've had. The crunch lasts past the initial first bite, almost like sugar bits in a smoothie. Like the ham & egg, this was pretty light in flavor, with the topping not contributing much flavor besides a subtle sugary sweetness. Really rather intriguing bun.

Raisin Twist - Tasted more like a loaf of regular raisin bread, with higher proportion of breading to raisins/sugar than other renditions. While not bad, I don't think I'd have my usual hankering for raisin twists with this version.

I suspect that my preferences for buns just differ from the ones made here, since most buns just didn't have enough flavor to be satisfying to me. But that shouldn't detract from the solid baking skills, especially for the Pineapple bun, which was quite unique.

For an overview on all of the Philadelphia Chinese bakeries, here's my roundup.

Mayflower Bakery
1008 Race St Philadelphia, PA 19107-2306 (Map)
(215) 629-5668
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