Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Locopops : Chapel Hill

Dude, really?

Locopops is a local place that was recommended on Chowhound for its gourmet popsicles.

It was a hot day, mid 90's and pretty humid. I was walking slower. I was talking slower. I'd say this was ideal weather for a nice, cool and refreshing popsicle.

And my family and I really like fresh fruits. We should be fairly ideal customers.

And yet this felt so wrong. This was sooo not a destination place that you recommend to out-of-towners.

Plum & currant - Tasted like sour grape juice. My mom & dad wanted nothing to do with this thing and rightfully so. They even suggested dumping it before we finished. Being the one who suggested this, I was stuck finishing this up.

Mango chile - okay, tasting like fresh mango, but not tasting the heat. Umm, did I just pay for frozen mango puree?

Now if Locopops was a small hole in the wall place selling these babies for cheap, like the endearing fresh juice vendors in Hong Kong, that'd be one thing.

Or if the premium price (a few dollars per popsicle) actually went towards some outstanding fruit and ingredient combinations that were innovative or weren't easily done at home, that'd also be another thing.

But to have to pay "gourmet" prices for popsicles, firstly one of which we didn't even like and secondly, seemed as if you could have grabbed some fresh fruits, blended them and stuck them in popsicle molds yourself, that's too much.

This is not a destination foodie place.

Well, that is unless you have kids (ha that you're not training to be snobby foodies), then maybe.

And lastly, for all my criticism, I will admit the kids' popsicle drawings on the wall were pretty cool. I'm not all curmudgeon, you know.

Locations in Durham, Chapel Hill & Raleigh
($Dessert, $North Carolina)

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