Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lime & Basil : Chapel Hill

After a slew of not so great dining experiences, it was nice to come to a place that actually seemed to care about their dishes. Granted, not all of the dishes really worked, but the ones which did were quite refreshing thanks to the fresh ingredients.

The cheery bright green interior didn't hurt either.

House Special Summer Roll - Noticeably fresh leaves, rice noodles and rice paper roll give this a refreshing coolness, much needed in such warm weather. And the deep fried skin adds a surprising, yet very nice change in texture.

Spring Roll - Light, not too oily, pretty tasty. Not too shabby.

Complete pho - One of the mis-steps. The meat was slightly overcooked and the broth wasn't particularly flavorful.

Seafood Rice Noodles (w/ shrimp, pork, bbq pork.) I found this to be a somewhat unusual combination of ingredients, with the broth mostly tasting of the vegetable leaves, which I wasn't a particular fan of. However, certain pieces of pork were quite outstanding: juicy, tender and tasty.

Egg Noodles with Vegetables - Decent. Moist flavorful noodles with fresh vegetables.

House Special Combo Roast Pork - The pork here seems to be pretty good, the one in this dish also tender and juicy, tasting a bit like slightly charred Cha Shao. The steamed egg, the only side that wasn't just a cut vegetable, was decent with an enjoyable stuffing.

Lime & Basil Fried Rice - I'm not sure why we ordered this. Stay away from this. Something, (perhaps the peas?) tasted like they had been frozen or from the can. Very surprising, given the more relatively fresh ingredients earlier.

Oh and one more thing, I had a honeydew shake with boba (not pictured). The shake was was mostly ice-cream, which could be good or bad depending on your own viewpoint, but I must admit that the boba itself was not bad. Pretty decent texture and not the usual over-cooked rubbery grok.

All in all, this is certainly not a destination restaurant and most definitely not authentic stuff, but you could do worse in this area.

Lime & Basil
200 W Franklin St # 130 Chapel Hill, NC 27516-2559 (Map)
(919) 967-5055

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  1. I like the look of the rice and those spring rolls. Found the blog looking for chinesse food recipes but found myself wishing I lived close to the array of food places you have close to you.