Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ting Wang : Philadelphia

In a word: disappointing.

I like getting bbq pork (cha shao) from this place, since it has a more natural taste and doesn't quite have the uber-sweetness/artificial red color evident in cha shao at other places.

But the meal was a bit of a let-down, particularly looking in hindsight with my much better duck, wonton noodle soup at Sang Kee.

Wonton Noodle w/ Tripe - This was decent wonton noodles. The noodles were nicely cooked, but the wonton and broth were nothing to write home about.

Rice Noodle Roll with Beef (牛肉腸, Ngow Yeuk Cheong) - This should look familiar to dim sum goers. It was okay and probably not something I would order again here.

Seafood Congee - I wasn't a fan of this. This just tasted like Plain congee with random seafood (shrimp, squid, imitation crab [?!?]) haphazardly thrown in, with no regard to what they would taste like together. I was probably most offended by the imitation crab.

(gratuitous close-up of the little squid tentacles waving)

Chinese "Ox Tongue" Donut (牛脷酥, Ngow Lei Sow) - I haven't really looked very hard, but this is the only place I know of in Chinatown that makes this stuff. (For the unfamiliar, here's the rather short wikipedia entry). Like the other "Chinese donut," you tiao (油条), this is generally only good when it's been freshly deep-fried. I suspect that they deep-fry these guys when they open at 8am and just leave them sitting around, since this tasted moderately not so good, whereas when I've ordered this in the afternoon, it's pretty uninviting.

All in all, with all of the solid places in Chinatown to go to, I don't think I'll be returning here to eat anytime soon.

Ting Wang
138 N 10th St Philadelphia, PA 19107-2309 (Map)
(215) 928-1883
($Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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