Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taqueria La Veracruzana : Philadelphia

I've previously blogged about Taqueria La Veracruzana here. With my Dad and gf in town and both having never tried it, in addition to my not having had the chance to return after my trip to Mexico, I wanted to go there again and see whether the food still held up.

The short answer is yes. Oh man, yes.

The tortilla chips were still as greasy and as tasty as last time. The two salsas were a smoky chile (ancho chile?) salsa with a definite kick and a salsa verde with I think tomatillos and cilantro. I really liked both salsas and will have to try to re-create these at home.

Carne Asada - Meat was occassionally a bit tough, but the cactus and onions were pretty flavorful. The accompanying tortillas were still hand-made, but unlike the ones at La Lupe were more like the thin tortillas I'm used to. Not quite as amazingly fresh as the ones at La Lupe, but still decent, particularly when you eat them quickly.

Sopa de mariscos - Like the shrimp soup that I got last time with my brother, delicious in a fairly simple way. A red broth with a few spices and fresh seafood. How can you go wrong?

3 tacos for $6!! The king plate of the night were the tacos. I'm still shocked that you can get these babies so inexpensively.

Bistec (beef) - Really really nice. Juicy meat, pretty fresh tortilla.
Carnitas - good and juicy so far as pork goes. Roasted shredded pork always seems to me to be inherently a little on the dry side (unless it's an uber fat pig), but still good. This needed a little of the salsa verde to be flavorful.
al Pastor - Pork and Pineapples - A really solid blend of spicy and tartness /sweetness of pineapples, very interesting yet successful.

Taqueria La Veracruzana
908 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA‎ (Map)
(215) 465-1440
($Mexican, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)

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