Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roy Moore Lobsters, Top Dog : Rockport

It's Friday and this is the last of the meals from my family road trip, so I give you a twofer: Roy Moore Lobsters and fried clams from Top Dog of Rockport.

And oh my, what a combo. This meal may have been the best meal of our trip.

Locals probably already know of these two places. Whenever my family has visited the Cape Anne area, we've usually stopped at Roy Moore Lobsters. And for good reason. I would strongly argue for a good lobster joint and a good fried clam joint to be on anyone's "must-try-before-you-die" list.

Shrimp cocktail - There's really not much I have to say here. Fresh shrimp, boiled and not over-cooked. Served with some simple cocktail sauce. Delish.

Crab Cake - Pretty decent rendition, with a fairly creamy flavor and smooth texture.

Smoked Salmon - I *looove* cold-smoked salmon (or lox as they're called), but have never enjoyed cooked smoked salmon, since it's usually very dried out, has a pasty texture and/or has lost its fresher flavor. So I was bowled over when this cooked smoked salmon was flavorful and had a moistness that I thought cooked smoked salmon could never achieve.

Clam Chowder - creamy, fairly thick so far as clam chowders go, although I was fairly surprised that it was fairly light on the clam taste.

Boiled Lobster - Ahh, the main reason you come to Roy Moore. You can sit in the back, eat off of crates and feast on the freshly caught and boiled lobster. The lobster is pre-cracked (claws and down the middle of the body), but your hands still get sticky with lobster juice and the juice regularly goes flying, such that your face, hands and even some clothing smell (delightfully) like lobster for the rest of the day. This is one of those things that make you love New England or make you miss it if you've left the area.

Fried whole belly clams - This is one of the other things that is quintessentially New England. Since Roy Moore doesn't offer fried clams, we got these from Top Dog. And Top Dog does a pretty damn good rendition. Very light battering of light flavor and not tremendously greasy, considering it's deep fried. Nicely cleaned without any grittiness. Yum yum yum.

Mmm, my stomach is grumbling thinking about this meal, in particular the smoked salmon, lobsters and fried clams. There are of course a number of great lobster and fried clam places along the coasts of New England and I'd be pretty hard-pressed to pick favorites. But if you happen to be visiting Cape Anne, I'd highly suggest to check out these two places.

Roy Moore
39 Bearskin Nck Rockport, MA 01966 (Map)
(978) 546-6696

Top Dog
2 Doyle Cove Rd Rockport, MA 01966 (Map)
(978) 546-0006
($New England, $Recommended, $Seafood)


  1. I don't know who you are ... but my gosh you are on to something ... I have LOVED roy moore lobsters (try his lobster roll too which is the best) ... and although top dog is famous (written up in bon appetit) for its hot dogs, it is the fried whole belly clams that are the best, and their clam chowder is better than Roy Moore's ... my family gets the sword and the haddock for grilling every summer from Roy Moore too (although now owned and run by Kenny Porter) ... cheers!

  2. John, thanks for the comment! I don't get around to this area much these days (but grew up in Mass), but when I return I'll be sure to try out some of your recs.