Monday, June 15, 2009

Rockport Fudgery : Rockport

The fudgery is one of those places that are pretty common to New England beach towns, where they sell fudge (obviously)...

and also things like salt-water taffy...

...and jelly beans.

Intriguingly, they also sell French pastries called Elephant Ears.

Despite before stuffed up to our ears after our seafood feast, we decided to top things off with a freshly baked elephant ear. These things were quite large probably with a diameter of 8 inches, but had a surprising lightness. It was hollow inside and crunchy throughout, like the crunchy parts of fried dough or a Palmier. Unlike fried dough, however, we were told that these were baked and freshly baked within a few minutes in fact. It was topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon and was a nice treat to cap things off in Rockport.

Rockport Fudgery
4 Tuna Wharf Rockport, MA 01966 (Map)
(978) 546-2030
($Dessert, $New England)

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