Monday, June 01, 2009

Ripples : Montreal

It's rather unfortunate that with our limited time in Montreal and our finite stomach space, we were unable to try out more restaurants, bakeries and eateries.

One of the particular regrets was not being able to try out the ice cream there properly. Yes, this post is about an ice cream shop, across the street from Schwartz's deli, but as you might have guessed, we had just eaten at Schwartz's and it's rather unfair to judge an ice cream shop by trying a few spoonfuls of one flavor after just stuffing yourself silly.

My brother bought a small cup of their mango sorbet, which was decent, with fresh mangos mixed in, but after a pants-button-popping meal, it was nothing extraordinary or special.

Just fyi, there are apparently a number of well-liked ice cream shops in Montreal, including Ripples. However, it seems the overall favorite tends to be Havre aux Glaces, which has a location at the Jean Talon Market.

3880 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec (Map)
(514) 842-1697
($Canada, $Dessert, $Montreal)

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