Thursday, June 04, 2009

Le Veau D'or : Quebec City

I had a much harder time finding recommendations for restaurants in Quebec as opposed to Montreal. As a result, we ended up randomly picking a place on Rue St Jean, a street recommended to us by the hotel concierge to walk along.

I didn't exactly have great hopes. Rue St. Jean seemed to me a somewhat touristy street and the interior decor, which I unfortunately didn't photograph, looked like it hadn't been refreshed since the 50's.

But perhaps this was just my innate cynicism calling out. My brother's and my split pea soup was not that special...

... but my Dad's and Mom's watercress soup was quite refreshingly simple yet homey.

The escargot was more of the same. A simple butter, garlic and chive flavoring, but it tasted as if you were at you had been invited for your friend's Mom's cooking.

And again, the fondue parmesan, a battered, deep-fried parmesan was freshly fried and the cheese tasted fairly fresh.

And most of the entrees followed suit the pattern as well.

Veal Stew - Decently tender veal in a fairly simple sauce.

Baked Salmon - Homey cooked salmon with some somewhat forgettable toppings, but satisfying nonetheless.

Steak au Poivre The steak was probably not quite as tender as it could have been, but still not bad.

Steak Hache - This was probably the sole mis-step of our entree selections (and mine). This version tasted like a generic American meatloaf, without the breading, which granted wasn't terrible, but just wasn't that enjoyable. I realize in general it's probably a mistake to order a French dish in an Italian restaurant (whether or not you're in Quebec), but I just couldn't resist. This is one of the recipes out of Julia Child's cookbook that I occassionally cook and I wanted to see how it compared. The answer was that it does not.

Anyways, we walked out of the restaurant fairly happy with our selection. While I wouldn't go so far as to recommend this place (especially if you have particular recommendations from locals), for the price and for the randomness in selecting it, I'd say it was a pretty decent outcome.

Le Veau D'or
801 rue Saint-Jean Qu├ębec, QC G1R 1R2, Canada (Map)
(418) 525-7371‎
($Canada, $Italian, $Quebec City)

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