Sunday, June 07, 2009

Le Croquembouche Boulangerie & Patisserie : Quebec City

With my family having tried and having enjoyed a boulangerie/patisserie in Montreal, I thought it'd be nice to also try one in Quebec as well.

Only after the trip was over did I get a chance to see that Chez Temporel, a place we were considering but ruled out because we were hungry and it wasn't as close to our hotel as the others, is highly regarded for their croissants, coffee and breakfast.

We ended up walking down Rue St Joseph, peeking into La Boîte à Pain and finally deciding upon Le Croquembouche Boulangerie & Patisserie for their larger and more comfortable eating area.

They offer a good number of breads, sweets and pastries and well they all look quite good.

Unfortunately, with our experience at Fous Dessert in Montreal being so fresh in our minds, it was rather evident that none of the pastries/desserts we tried really stood up to our previous experience. Mostly, they missed much of the subtlety in flavor, texture or both.

Bostock - Sweet Bread, almond slivers on top and a raspberry filling. The bread by itself was surprisingly dry. With the raspberry filling, it wasn't bad, but just wasnt' anything mindblowing.

Brioche aux Fruits - Fresh and slightly tart berries were nice, but I was little disappointed that the berries and filling seemed to bleed into the pastry. When you bit into the pastry, there wasn't dry flaky pastry texture and a moist berry filling textures simultaneously, but rather more of the latter.

Croissant - I would take Fous Desserts croissants over these (and Philadelphia's Le Bus's over Fous Desserts). These were just not as light and slightly breadier than Fous Desserts'.

Brioche aux Raisins - Hmm, my notes say "meh" for this.

Chocolatine - Okay, doesn't quite have as deep chocolate or as good of croissant texture as Fous Desserts.

Strawberry Dessert - This wasn't bad. The pastry itself was dry and crunchy, the creme nice and light and strawberries fresh.

Diplomat - sweet bread almost like Portuguese sweet bread w/ creamy filling. I can't quite recall why, but my brother and I both were not fans of this (I'm kicking myself for not taking better notes).

Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Craisin Cookie - Yeah, I'm sure this wasn't their forte, but I was just curious to try them. The chocolate chip cookie had a surprising crunch to it, was pretty sweet and very chocolate focused. Unfortunately the chocolate wasn't all that memorable. Honestly, can't remember much of the oatmeal craisin cookie.

I feel rather bad for dumping on this place, since the lady at the counter was quite nice to us despite our being the obvious tourists we were. But alas, especially after trying our 3rd/4th pastry, it just felt like the place was just trying to provide a range of too many pastries, without focusing on achieving mastery of one particular pastry first.

Le Croquembouche Boulangerie & Patisserie
225 rue Saint-Joseph Est Québec, QC G1K 3B1, Canada (Map)
(418) 523-9009
($Bakery, $Canada, $French, $Quebec City)

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