Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jimmy John's : Philadelphia

I feel like I'm the last in the know. Apparently Jimmy John's is a large nation-wide chain, seemingly in all of the states... except the one that I grew up in.

Anyways, I was already going to do a really short entry and since it seems that a lot of people have opinions on this place already, I'm make it even shorter...

Italian Night Club - Pretty decent bread and a pretty acceptable sandwich for on-the-go people like students. One step above Subway and Quiznos is a good way of describing it. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked for the oil; the way this bread was oiled up makes me feel like a dirty perv.

Club Lulu - They messed up the order for this sandwich - it wasn't on the wrong bread and they didn't add a few ingredients. In any case, this just was plain unpleasant. The turkey was just flavorless and while I realize the sprouts were our decision to add, they tasted like eating grass.

One last note. While all slick and what not, I found the Jimmmy John's website to be confusing to order through. The way that the menu was customizable, but not integrated with the "Order Online" area was just confounding and a waste of my time.

Jimmy John's
Everywhere apparently besides Massachsuetts

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