Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hei La Moon : Boston

Oh where to begin.

It's been a little over 2 years since I left the Boston area.

But prior to my departure from Massachusetts and ever since I can remember, my family would make regular treks to Boston from our hometown for Chinese groceries and for dimsum.

Let's say conservatively my family visited Boston once a month. That would mean that I have eaten dimsum specifically in Boston alone somewhere between 200 to 300 times.

I suspect my relationship with Boston dimsum places has lasted longer than some people's marriages these days.

I say all this mainly to bring up my particular bias. And I am bringing up my bias, because my recent dimsum experience at Hei La Moon just reminded me how mind-bogglingly boring and mediocre I find dimsum to be in Boston and surrounding area.

It's not that it's particularly horrible or inedible or anything like that. And I will say that Hei La Moon was perhaps slightly better than what I recall eating at China Pearl, Chau Chau and others. But especially having recently traveled to places like San Fran, LA, and Hong Kong, this critique of Boston's dimsum places has only become even more evident.

Now, if you're a Boston foodie who strongly disagrees with this, please I welcome your suggestions. Give me a yell in the comments and tell me what place to try.

But as it were, I don't really feel like my comments on the dimsum dishes at Hei La Moon will add much value. As a result, here's a food porn entry.

(Btw, don't ask why I only seem to take decent pictures at places that I don't particularly like. I've no clue.)

Hei La Moon
88 Beach St Boston, MA 02111 (Map)
(617) 338-8813 | Chow
($Boston, $Brunch, $Chinese)

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