Saturday, June 20, 2009

Best Food City in North America - Mexico City?

Recently stumbled upon this old Chow's Best North American Food City Posting, which obviously opens a can of worms and has your typical amount of provincial preference (I'm sorry, but I don't understand how someone can even vote for Boston).

But I was really rather intrigued by a few Chowhounders' persuasive arguments for Mexico City, making me 1) feel like a terrifically US-centric idiot for not even considering any non-US cities when I thought up my own personal list and 2) want to return to Mexico even sooner, having already having been inspired after my recent trip to lovely Baja California. As a recent graduate with a boat-load of student loans to repay, I'm of course unable to go anytime soon, but am looking forward to when I do eventually get a chance to return.

On a related note, I suspect confidence in traveling to Mexico has been battered by not only the recent swine flu outbreaks, but also the drug wars and accompanying violence. I really feel for the Mexican citizens having to endure either of these scary situations and truly hope for both of these situations to clear up in the near future, for their sake and ours (one day we American idiots will be able to appreciate our southern neighbor more than we do now).

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