Friday, June 26, 2009

Backlogged up to my eyeballs...

... or to the tip of my tongue in more appropriate umm gustatory terms?

I'm going to do my best to flood this blog with posts to get rid of my ridiculous queue. Unfortunately, a number of them I found rather uninspiring, which may explain why they've been hanging around for months.

One final note. I've recently been confronted on a few of my negative reviews, particularly from those who feel oppositely.

And I feel slightly conflicted. It's of course a difficult economic period, especially for restauranteurs and while I'm just a small little nobody, I'm sensitive to the fact that one vocal person's negative opinion may influence business (albeit slightly I suspect in my case).

But at the same time, I personally appreciate others' recommendations and opinions, both positive and negative, on restaurants when I'm visiting somewhere. And I see this blog as a way for me to provide just another sample point, where the fair reader can judge for themselves whether they trust my judgement or think I'm absolute bull-snot (yeah, I'm guessing more the latter).

Anyways, back to business. Feel free to hit me with comments or emails as usual.

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