Friday, May 22, 2009

Fous Desserts : Montreal

Perhaps one of the things that I most looked forward to about heading to a place with such a strong French influence were the patisseries. Dreams of buttery flakey croissants and scrumptious fruit tarts danced in my head, so our first breakfast stop: Fous Desserts, a place recommended for croissants, chocolatines and just in general.

And my family and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here's their selection of baked goods. Unpictured, they also have a selection of chocolates and desserts as well.

We sat at the back, where we could peek and watch the bakers putting on the final touches onto their eclairs.

And we ended up going a little crazy with ordering:

Regular Croissant & Brioche Praline - The croissant was flaky on the outside and little breadier than I'm used to on the inside, but still quite delicious. The brioche praline was somewhat forgettable, with some pomegranate bits inside, especially compared to the other pastries.

Chocolatine & Chocolate Pear Croissant - Chocolatine had dark chocolate with a nice grainy texture - perhaps the distribution of the chocolate inside was a little uneven, but still quite good. My favorite of all of our pastries was the chocolate pear croissant, with a sweetened pear inside that had just the right flavoring, with a nice balance of fruit, chocolate and pastry.

Wild Blueberry Brioche - Surprisingly the blueberries weren't that prominent of a taste, but the brioche was quite moist. Embarrassingly, the best way I could describe this is that it's like a really great cinnamon bun, without the cinnamon, but with that texture and the different onion-like layers that you can unpeel.

Almond Croissant - The favorite of my family's and my runner-up. Mostly it was the lovely light cream inside that made this croissant delish.

Hot Chocolate - Always nice to have hot chocolate made directly from chocolate.

Coffee - I'm not really much of a coffee person, but my brother said it was some good coffee.

Organic Croissant with Caramel and Lavender & Prune dip - The really friendly guy at the counter gave this to us to try as a complimentary dish. We were told the croissant is made with organic flour. Being somewhat full at that point, I really couldn't tell much of a difference between this and the regular croissant. But the sauces were quite lovely, the caramel tasting like a lighter home-made dulce de leche and the lavender/prune sauce having a floral taste.

Fous Desserts
809 avenue Laurier Est Montréal, QC H2J 1G2, Canada (Map)
(514) 273-9335
($Bakery, $Canada, $French, $Montreal, $Recommended)


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  2. The croissants are wonderful but don`t waste your money on the chocolates. What a disappointment. Pity for such a beautiful shop.