Wednesday, April 22, 2009

YoCream : Philadelphia

I was walking down Chestnut St and happened to pass by Old Nelson Food Market, where Wawa used to be, and noticed a sign for "Original Tart Frozen Yogurt."

And I thought to myself, "Oh boy, they've now started selling frozen yogurt in convenience stores now? Great, I'll have to force myself to try this." (Although thinking back, I might have thought it strange that a convenience store was the 2nd [or possibly 1st?] place in Center City to sell tart frozen yogurt.)

But later on, I was eating my words, since upon trying it out, my gf and I found it to be surprisingly good. Well, so far as the yogurt goes, that is.

It's a self-serve affair and we swirled the strawberry and plain tart flavors for ourselves, along with strawberry and mango pieces.

There's no beating around the bush on this: the fruit was horrible. To be fair, we did purchase this at night, but still the fruit tasted as if it had been sitting there for days, bad enough to spoon out to the side.

The yogurt, however, particularly the plain tart flavor, tasted quite good, less tart than Pinkberry's, but very natural tasting. The strawberry wasn't quite as special, tasting a little like regular 'ol strawberry yogurt with a tarter twist and slightly more natural. What is strange though, was that I thought to myself, "you know, I wouldn't mind getting this on a fairly regular basis." The ordinary setting, fairly low prices and decent natural-tasting yogurt all combine in such a way that getting this yogurt is less of a special treat experience, but mentally more like getting a healthy slurpee at 7-11, quite the opposite of going to Pinkberry and its designer chairs.

Fyi, the pricing was as follows: $2.99/small (9oz), $3.99/medium (12oz), $4.99/large (16oz).

(Another fyi, it's kind of funny to think that I do rather like YoCream's yogurt, as strangely, they apparently helped make the frozen yogurt for Red Mango, which I was not as big of a fan of.)

Anyways, if you're around the area or spot another sign for YoCream, I'd suggest you give it a shot... without the toppings.

Old Nelson Food Market
2000 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103 Map
(215) 496-9777
($Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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