Thursday, April 09, 2009

Le Bec Fin : Philadelphia

Le Bec Fin has blown away any contenders for favorite dining experience in Philadelphia. From appetizer to dessert, in terms of taste, texture, portions, execution and service, the meal was just superb.

My gf and I ate there months ago during Phili's Restaurant Week in January and I'm at a loss as to why I never wrote up notes after the meal.

Perhaps it's for the best, however, as I think my food vocabulary and knowledge of cooking (French cooking in particular) pales in comparison to what others have said. And besides, it's particularly interesting to read through reactions to the change Le Bec Fin underwent a few years ago for a more "casual" dining experience. In particular, I found the critics of the change interesting since I feel I'm part of the more youthful crowd, albeit the poorer and younger end of the spectrum, who the change was addressing.

Anyways, I leave you, kind reader, with pictures from our meal, which will hopefully entice you to dine at this fine restaurant if you haven't done so or to do so again if you have already.

Le Bec Fin
1523 Walnut Street philadelphia, pa 19102 (Map)
[P] 215.567.1000
($French, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)

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