Saturday, April 11, 2009

Insomnia Cookies

What an absolutely fabulous idea: cookies on delivery. I ended up ordering a bunch for a school team meeting and I must say that these cookies were pretty good. Satisfying, homey, familiar, and yet decently done. It's of course hard to overlook the freshly-baked aspect; they were still warm and gooey upon delivery. And it was amusing to discover their cookies arriving in a box, similar to a pizza box, except miniature.

Taste-wise, well, the cookies while good seemed slightly one-note. Especially when compared to the bakeries I'm used to, the chocolate in the chocolate chip cookie reminded me of M&M's in flavor. But that being said, their target consumer is college-age students and I think that's reflected in the taste. (I mean no disrespect to college students and in fact know some with quite discerning palates. But I personally know my palate was less sophisticated then and I suspect that this is the case in general.)

Despite my minor critique, I will whole-heartedly recommend Insomnia. They are better than the standard cookie and fantastically convenient for students. I'll probably order these guys once again before my last days in school.

Insomnia Cookies
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  1. oh mon dieu. Insomnia cookies are the worst most fake butter, sugar cookie, vanilla flavor, crisco oozing, underbaked industrial disasters I have EVER had the misfortune of tasting in my life. I have never met a cookie that looked, tasted, and felt so fake for such a undeservedly high price in my life. I wish these demon cookies would go back to the bakery hell they came from and leave our poor, deprived, confused food culture alone. Amen.